Ferkar Mill


The Ferkar mill is suitable for universal purposes in all of the industrial branches. It is very efficient and simple to use.

It has its own and unique system of grinding based on a vertical aerodynamic striking principle.

The Ferkar mill is produced in various sizes either from stainless steel or painted carbon steel. Detailed overview of Ferkar.


  • Closed system of milling made possible by unique construction of the mill with its own recycling of air.
  • The mill operates without the need for filters, cyclones, airlocks, fans or blowers which is a great advantage of the investment.
  • Thanks to its different principle of grinding, the energy consumption by product unit is minimized as it reaches 50% to up to 80% less then comparable machines.
  • Air cooling enables continous 24/7 operation of the Ferkar mill and prevents overheating which results in unaltered quality of final product.
  • No special base is needed for the installation of the Ferkar mill.
  • If needed it is possible to get two different output grades at the same time.

Ferkar Mill in stainless steel

Ferkar mill type 7 in stainless steel version.


The versatile Ferkar mill can grind all sorts of raw materials. List of applications.

This includes cereals, beans, herbs, spices, sugar,  teas, pastries, as well as many inorganic and non food input materials.

It can also be used to grind materials to be recycled, for example leftovers in pasta production.

Installed Ferkar Mill

Ferkar mill installed in modern bakery.


It can grind input down into a range of granulations. It can do both fine powdered state or uniformly granulated output with low powder contents. More about applications.

It is also possible to cut input into just a few pieces to get cracked wheat, bulgur or for cutting various nuts.

After simple readaptation of its configuration the same machine can be used for completely different input/output requirements. This includes such different applications as sugar and various grain flour, filter tea, herbs, spices or different kinds of grits from wheat.